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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation, which is the most effective approach to alternative dispute resolution, uses a neutral moderator to help parties reach a voluntary resolution. This informal and confidential process helps parties understand the interests and practical and legal choices of everyone involved, saving time and money, and reducing future disputes and offenses. Although the parties - and not the mediator - actually decide on the solution, the mediator helps to improve communication and explore settlement options.

The Court of Claims partners with the Dispute Resolution Section of the Ohio Supreme Court for access to trained mediators. Parties may request mediation by motion or upon agreement. The Court will also, on its own motion, refer appropriate cases to mediation.

Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution is one form of alternative dispute resolution. Because law requires that all Public Records complaints go to mediation, the Court provides an online dispute resolution system called Modria©. Modria leads parties step-by-step through the online process to resolve disputes as quickly as possible and also provides more flexibility to the parties than the traditional legal process. The Court will assign a staff attorney who is a certified mediator to work with the parties toward a resolution. More information about the online dispute resolution system may be found in the Resolution Center User Guide below.

Click here for the Ohio Court of Claims Resolution Center User Guide.

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