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Case Management

Courts use a process called case management to move all cases from filing to disposition, and this includes all pretrial phases, trials and all events that follow disposition. This process helps to ensure that every litigant receives procedural due process and equal protection. The Ohio Court of Claims uses differentiated case management, a technique that tailors the process and the court’s resources to the needs of individual cases. Here’s how it works:

  • Active case management begins as soon as a case is filed.
  • The complaint is screened to ensure that a proper state agency is named as the defendant (click here for a list of state agencies or here for a list of state universities & colleges).
  • An inquiry is sent to the plaintiff to identify a connected action, or any other court cases or claims that may be related to the case (click here for the connection action disclosure form).
  • The Clerk of the Court reviews the case and places it in the expedited, standard or major trial track, with each one adhering to a different timeline.
  • A trial order is issued after the connected action inquiry is filed.
  • A case management conference is scheduled for about 60 days after the answer is filed.
  • A pretrial hearing is held in most cases, and takes place about 30 days prior to trial.
  • Other case management issues are resolved by reviewing the Rules of the Court of Claims or the Local Rules of the Court of Claims.

If you have additional concerns, contact the Director of Case Management at 1.800.824.8263.

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