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Claims vs. the State

Welcome! This portion of the website was created as an informative guide for individuals with civil claims. These claims typically include contract disputes, property damage, personal injury, immunity of state officers and employees, discrimination and wrongful imprisonment. Cases are assigned to a judge or a panel of three judges based on complexity. However, civil complaints filed for $10,000 or less are decided based on the contents of the case file or administratively by the clerk of the court or a deputy clerk. Appeals from these decisions may be taken to a judge of the court upon motion for court review, but the court's judgment cannot be the subject of further appeal.

The Court sits in Franklin County and consists of judges who sit by temporary assignment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice may appoint incumbent justices or judges of the Supreme Court, courts of appeals, or courts of common pleas, or retired justices or judges eligible for active duty pursuant to Division (C) of Section 6 of Article IV of the Ohio Constitution. The appointments to the Court are temporary, typically lasting three months; however, judges can be reappointed for multiple terms. Upon motion of a party, the Chief Justice may assign a panel of three judges (instead of a single judge) to hear and determine a civil action presenting novel or complex issues of law or fact.

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs) address most of the scenarios you might encounter, but we encourage you to contact us directly if you can’t find what you need. In addition to the great how-to information, you will also find all the necessary forms, information about fees, and a glossary of common legal terms. We’ve even included some quick facts about what to expect when you come to court.

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