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Public Records Fees & Costs

Filing fees and court costs may be paid in cash, or by check or money order made payable to the Ohio Court of Claims. (Please do not mail cash.) At this time, we do not accept credit card payments. Please refer to the following fee schedule for more information:

Public Records
Public Records Denial Complaint Filing Fee $25.00
Entering on journal, indexing & posting on any docket (each page) $2.00
Acknowledging all instruments in writing $2.00
Notice of appeal, including the filing & noting of all necessary documents $25.00
Each electronic transmission of a document, plus $1.00 for each page of that document (to be paid by the party requesting the electronic transmission) $2.00
Certified copy of document (per page) $1.00
Uncertified copy of a document (per page) $0.10

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