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Public Records Fees & Costs

The law requires that you pay a $25 filing fee when filing a complaint. You can pay by credit card if filing online. You must enclose a check or money order if filing by mail, or you may pay cash if filing in person.

Please refer to the following fee schedule for more information:

Public Records
Public Records Denial Complaint Filing Fee $25.00
Entering on journal, indexing & posting on any docket (each page) $2.00
Acknowledging all instruments in writing $2.00
Notice of appeal, including the filing & noting of all necessary documents $25.00
Each electronic transmission of a document, plus $1.00 for each page of that document (to be paid by the party requesting the electronic transmission) $2.00
Certified copy of document (per page) $1.00
Uncertified copy of a document (per page) $0.10

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