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Court of Claims Public Records Policy

Records kept by the Ohio Court of Claims are available for inspection and copying. Here's how to request public records:

  • Be clear when identifying the requested records. If the request is not clear, we will contact you for clarification.
  • Requests do not need to be in writing, and individual identification or the purpose of the request is not required.
  • Requests for copies of case transcripts and/or depositions should be directed to the court reporter rather than to the court--unless you can furnish satisfactory proof that you are not a party to the related action. Or, you may inspect a case transcript or deposition during regular business hours at our office.

Policies and Practices for Responding to Public Records Requests

  • Copies of public records are made available within a reasonable period of time. However, reasonable response time can depend on the volume of records requested, the location where the records are stored, and the need to legally review or redact any of the requested records.
  • Whenever feasible, routine requests to inspect public records in the care and custody of this office will be satisfied immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, requests for access to the following
    • The content of current court case files
    • regular reports related to business practices, finances, personnel matters and policies, and reports that do not require special compilation or information systems programming
    • case management data and docket information that does not require special compilation or information systems programming
  • Public records requests for fewer than 20 pages of copies or for records that are readily available in electronic format and can be emailed or easily downloaded will be processed as quickly as equipment and personnel resources allow.
  • For requests of greater scope, you will be notified when and where the copies, computer files or reports can be picked up. We attempt to acknowledge all requests for public records within three business days following receipt of the request in our office.
  • We will respond to —larger or more complex requests by providing a statement that indicates:
    • an estimated number of business days needed to satisfy the request
    • an estimated cost if copies are requested
    • an identification of any items within the request that may be exempt from disclosure
  • All public records request denials will include an explanation. If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt and need to be redacted, the non-redacted portions of the records will be released, and the redactions will be explained.

For records requests, contact the Clerk’s Office 614.387.9800

Useful Information for Requesters

The most recent edition of the Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual is available on the Attorney General’s website with information on the people’s rights and obligations under the Public Records Act, records retention law, and the Personal Information Systems Act.

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